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Master Key Experience Week 20

This week was an emotional week for me as I reading the obituary’s and I come along a person that a know well. I just reflected back to see that he was taken so young and asked myself I wondering if he had any regrets? Or did he live the life that he wanted.

It got me really thinking that I really need to start living my life as today is my last as we have no clue when our time will come. I got me to realize even more who cares what others think of me. I always had that attitude but it was slipping away from me as I got older.

I really had a moment where I just said today is going to be my best day every and if I am taken I will have regrets and would have given it my best everyday moving forward. If we look at young kids that’s how they live their life and as adults we let the stuff collect on our soul and mind that drags us down.

I know live everyday as its my last and when I lay head down at night I say to myself be proud you gave it your best today and let tomorrow be the same. I really has helped me have a great sleep every night as I don’t think what else could of I have done today. My answer is I put it all on lone today great job.

So I challenge everyone that reads this do the same and see how you look at life in a different way.

3 thoughts on “Master Key Experience Week 20

  1. Darcy, I was shocked as well at the impact of obituary reading. It was the kick in the you-know-what to stop procrastinating and DO IT NOW today. Thanks for the ideas of what to say falling asleep. 🙂


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