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Master Key Experience Week 19

19 weeks of doing certain things are starting to become a great habit and see the change in myself day by day.

More and more I see the pieces of the old me being chipped off and breaking away to the new me. The big thing that my wife said to me this week is you handle situations a lot more calm than before as she witnessed a business situation where I listened and thought it out before I responded where before the old me would of just lost it and it would not be a win win for anyone.

There has been days, weeks and even hours of me not wanting to do certain things but the “DO IT NOW statement that I have been saying out loud for the 19 weeks has me really getting way more done and even in a shorter period of time. Which has created way more time in the day to get other things done.

This week I reflected back on something that i had read many years ago on concentration and really helped me with this weeks exercise. I read about the great tennis star of years ago John McEnroe. He wrote that before very match that he played he would grab a tennis ball and stare at it for an hour before the match so that when he got on the court that the ball looked like a beach ball to hit and he went out won a lot of matches. I really used this in my concentration exercise as well and one thing that concentrated on this week was always a tough task for me and after concentrating on the right things I was able to do the task without a hitch.

But where have the weeks gone it seems just like yesterday I started this great journey and it is coming to a close but I KEEP MY PROMISES TO KEEP UP THE WORK TO CONTINUE MY GREAT MISSION.

3 thoughts on “Master Key Experience Week 19

  1. Darcy, thanks for that reminder about staring at the tennis ball! I needed that and will work with it as well. I appreciate Master Minding with you. Thanks for blogging.


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