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Master Key Exprience Week 18/2

Reflecting back on the new scroll to read and reading an obituary a day opened my eyes up to what life really is about.

How do I want to be remembered? Did I do the best I could of done or did I leave something on the table? Was a fulfilled before I took my last breath? How would my story play out?

Live my life as if this was my last day really make me think everyday have a done my best today? There where days this week that I could say yes and there where a few that I said NO. Its just making me aware that I must enjoy life, be happy but live it like I may never have another day to do, say, and see things. I have changed my attitude to others as well, I had changed lots before but now less things bother me on what other think of me.

I had a great week more and more things are falling into place of my new blue print. I am excited everyday to see the new me as well others have commented on the change they have seen in me as well. I now know that I deliver the best version of me very day and that’s all I can do and if I can rest my head on my pillow at night and have no regrets if I pass on I have accomplished what I have wanted.

I live this day as its my last leaving ne regrets behind.

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