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Master Key Experience Week 18

What a week and it seems to be getting better and better ecery week.

Its been a few weeks now and things are just happening. I have received more referrals over the past few weeks but this week its been unexplained, maybe maybe not. I truly believe that me changing mt blueprint is attracting more into my life as I a giving more back in my business than ever before and a lot more is coming my way. 19 weeks ago I would of said that’s strange but now I say this is the new me coming out and things are happen for a reason.

This week along with still focusing on KINDNESS, I focused on persistence and not only did I see a lot of persistence I was way more persistent in every thing that I did and I mean everything. I had a client that was leaving for work for 6 weeks want life insurance but had only 2 days to get it done. This person was hard to nail a time down but i keep on him. As well I needed to look at many companies so that I pick the correct product for him. So I was persistent again with our providers for the short time frame and other situations. Persistence payed off I got it all done and the client was happy and gave me referrals as well.

I was persistent in my exercise, my eating, reading and many more things. I truly believe this is something that we become part of my life as I am seeing lots of success with key things to focus for a week and they are sticking after the week is gone.


Darcy L

4 thoughts on “Master Key Experience Week 18

  1. Darcy, it was wonderful to see you spotlighted tonight in th webinar with your comments about happiness! Congrats on that and on your persistence!


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