Master Key Experience Week 17

Where our minds go? I took note this week of where my mind went. I would of said that before MKE my mind would of always went to the things that I did not want but things have changed. BOOM.

Through out my sit this week I concentrated on courage, abundance and health and guess what happened? I had way more courage to do things that I probably would have not done before. .

The one that I really concentrated on was abundance. I did not just concentrate on money, time was the big one and it was like I had way more time to do things where before it seemed like I had not enough time in the day to get things done.

I concentrated more on my health as Christmas kicked my butt health wise but it was Christmas, but it continued after Christmas. I made that shift this week and my eating became my focus and when I want a treat it was like have a banana or apple instead which I had a very energetic week. It gave me energy to do way more things again as I had an abundance of time and energy.

All in all it was a great week and a great sit with me reveling that if I concentrate and focus on what I want and that other stuff is no where to be found. FORGET ABOUT IT!!!!!

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