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Master Key Experience Week 16

What a great week and it went by so fast. I had such a realization this week on how much we as humans focus on negative things and are blind to all the kindness and good things that happen around us on a day to day basis.

The focus on kindness was so great as everyday not did I notice all the things that did in kindness I really seen how kind people really are. It seems that at this time of our life with what is going on that most people are being even more kind or was it because .it was my focus? I truly believe it is the combination of both.

I just look at all the kindness that was shared this week in master keys and so many people that I hardly know said the kindest things to me. In return I did the same which made my day. Just say a few words to some that did some kind things made me feel better after do it.

So it been a great week to realize that kindness is all around us we just need to put more of an effort to notice it and forget about all the BS around and our world will be a better place.

Here is to everyone from Mark and Davene and all their great staff, guides and our mastermind class of Master keys Thank You for being there supporting me and others through this wonderful journey we are on. You are all humble people with one mission and one goal which helps all of us push forward.


3 thoughts on “Master Key Experience Week 16

  1. ‘… how much we as humans focus on negative things …’

    As we learned a few weeks ago, a negative bias kept us alive. Unfortunately it can gain too strong a foothold — thank goodness for all the tools we learn in the MKE!


  2. As the weeks after Kindness week march on I am also amazed that I’m seeing more and more and doing more and more. I love that we spark each other in the Master Mind Alliance.


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