Master Key Experience Week 15

A week that kind of got away from me but the support and material put me back on track. I just love how the little exercises can quickly bring you back on track.

I love the new scroll that I am reading this is something that I believed in myself when I was young and life got in my way and changed my out look in life. Now everyday that I read the scroll it just reminds me that I am nature’s greatest miracle.

How I really relate to this is I was born premature and that’s all my mom still talks about still today that I was born small but with a mighty heart.

The more I do the index cards that a look at them really supports me when things get tough in my day. Its really good to look at all the things that I have done good as I usually do one thing wrong and really beat myself up. Now with exercise it really shows me that I have accomplished way more than I have done wrong. Who gives a rats butt what I do wrong I have done hundreds of things correct.

Stay positive and be grateful everyday and life will give you what you deserve.

I always keep my promises.

Darcy L

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