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Master Key Experience Week 14

Well watching Rudy again from many years ago stirred up lots of emotion for me. It was I was back being 13-14 years old again as I could relate to the whole movie. Just like Rudy I was small growing up and in every sport I was told I was to small at a very young age. That included my parents thought I should just concentrate on school and don’t bother with sports. I was bund a determined like Rudy to do what I had to do to make things happen. I had to work harder than the others and I did. I was one determined person after I was cut from our junior high school volleyball team and told myself I will be a starter on every team sport I play moving forward and guess what I proved the nay sayers all wrong. LOL

Just like Rudy I started to ask others that where making all the teams what to do and the we had a young gym teacher come to our school that I used as a mentor as he coached the high school teams. He said stay focused and out work the others and you will get noticed. So I did just like he said and the rest of my days where focused on determination and great work ethic.

Again like Rudy I just started in believing in myself and publicly told people I was will be the best player at every sport in school. Lots laughed at me and said yah right and my reply back was watch me. I told myself like Rudy that I will do what ever it takes to pull this off. The next year I made all the sport teams and the team sports I was a starter. The next year people are going how is a 5″ 6″ player being a starter on all the teams my coach said he is determined and out works all of you just like Rudy did. This brought me to tears watching Rudy but there where tears of happiness to say dude you did it once you can do it now.

It is so funny as the none supporters like Rudy had all of a sudden what to know how I did it, can you teach me what you did. Lots of them became my biggest fans LOL. I even had a girl I went to school with not very long ago come up to me and my wife and said I can not believe how you became this amazing athlete and how high you could jump. She ask how did you do this? I told her I was so determined to prove people wrong and I knew deep down I was a great athlete. I said belief, determination and a work ethic is what got me to be my best.

So watching Rudy rekindled the old me and chipped more cement of my old blueprint. I am believing more and more in myself and the things I know I can accomplish, I am more determined to make them happen. I am willing to put in the work to get the things done that I need to get done and the big change has been for me is having a mastermind group here in the Master Key Experience and finding 2 more mentors to help me along the way.

Stay focused do the work, believe in you and mastermind with other and all can change our lives for ever. God Bless

I always keep my promises

Darcy L

4 thoughts on “Master Key Experience Week 14

  1. Darcy, a movie ought to be made called DARCY. You have important life lessons to show people as well. From your blog rover friend John.


  2. Applause, applause, Darcy. Your story was an inspiration to me for your past accomplishments through hard work, determination, and vision–and how you’re applying that to the MKE. Thank you!


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